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Foxconn opens a new development and research centre in Prague – the only one of its kind in Europe

A car that can predict where you want to travel today, a beverage machine which reports that it is broken and needs to be repaired or house solutions for accumulation of energy, such as solar panels. These are not scenes from a sci-fi movie, but smart solutions for customers that will...
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Capacity planning at the CNSBG N.W.E. division (L5)

Technological development and an increase in production at the N.W.E. L5 division has led to the need to introduce a modern planning information system that is able to comprehensively meet the needs of customers, production, planning, logistics and material purchasing.   In many ways, the current system of workshop management...
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Foxconn is a global leader in electronics manufacturing and supply chain solutions with the European presence since 1998. Our regional teams understand the need to utilize the strength of our global supply chain footprint while adapting for the individual requirements of unique markets.

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