Foxconn Gave Hope for Life

On Tuesday 6 June 2017, an event Give Hope for Life! took place at our company. Our employees were given the opportunity not only to sign up for for the bone marrow donor registry but also to be involved in the life of the people who suffer from hematopoietic diseases and whose health is dependent on our help.


Every year in the Czech Republic there are more than 1,000 new cases of hematopoietic diseases. These diseases affect children, youths and adults and for majority of patients the only way to get cured is hematopoietic cells transplantation. This is why we are immensely proud that even 50 of our colleagues have joined the support of oncological patients!

These courageous employees are: Pavlíčková Barbora, Novotná Michaela, Kosková Anna, Dopitová Markéta, Doležal Pavel, Frýbová Štěpánka, Pašek Jiří, Běloušková Michaela, Netušilová Lucie, Pištorová Tereza, Crlík Marek, Kroulík Jaroslav, Biško Jan, Dostálová Martina, Děkanovský Martin, Chvalovský Ondřej, Hejdová Aneta, Milická Zuzana, Nejedlý Jiří, Řešátko Jan, Hašlerová Romana, Davidová Veronika, Viták Petr, Hospr Pavel, Louvarová Zuzana, Kačo Ondrej, Dušek Petr, Hájková Gabriela, Vašinová Markéta, Rochlová Martina, Křivák Martin, Kadavý Michal, Kalát Jiří, Porubčan Michal, Šálek Pavel, Kunc  Martin, Nevolová Veronika, Smejkal Václav Jack, Černá Aneta. Every one of them deserves a big thank you on the behalf of the whole company.

Whole event was secured, organized and covered by Pavlína Černohorská, Veronika Nevolová and PR and communication team together with Czech National Register of Volunteer Donors.

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