Foxconn Technology in Kutná Hora opened a new Training Centre

Job applicants can prepare for their future position here. We talked about how the Training Centre works and who it is designed for with Martin Brestovanský, teacher of micro soldering. He compares the repair solution to a detective story.

So from the beginning, who is the Training Centre designed for?

The Training Centre is suitable for all applicants for job who possess at least two of the following requirements. These are the basics of electrical knowledge, manual skills and logical thinking. Experience or education do not decide, it is our job to teach our future colleagues what is necessary.

Martin, what are recruits taught in the Training Centre and how long do they prepare here? Do they just learn soldering?

It is definitely not only about soldering. In our Training Centre we want to teach people these working basics which will allow them to work as a technician independently. Which implies more things, but the most important one is soldering. Graduates learn to solder components of different dimensions. As a matter of interest, the smallest components do not even reach 1 mm. Our new colleagues can spend up to three months in the Training Centre.

What will they solder and what is description of their job?

The second and for the majority of applicants more exciting part is the repairing of motherboards. In our case it means primarily motherboards to servers. This stage is really important and consists of more steps which need to be learned by the applicants. They acquire using and reading schematics, how to treat the layout of the motherboard or understanding of functional sequence of individual components.

This is all Greek to a layman. Could you specify it more?

If I described this job to a layman, I would compare it to a detective story. If I looked at the repair solution as a criminalist, I would say we are at the same starting position. Both of us have a corpse in front of us. Well, I have a dead motherboard.


1. In the first place I have to detect the motive (the reason why something is out of order) and thanks to the motive I reveal the offender – one or a group of them (I find one or more faulty components).

2. After that I should put the offender to jail or at least prevent his commission of other criminal offences (so I change the damaged/faulty component).

3. Then everything should be back to normal (the motherboard is functional again).

This is how I would describe this job. And our Foxconn Training Centre is here to prepare these “detectives” .


Foxconn Technology is a part of Foxconn Group, the world leader in providing complex technological solutions. The company operates in Kutná Hora since 2008 and it focuses mainly on the production of servers for the leading IT players in the industry.

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