The hopes of the Czech IT competed in Pardubice on the third Czech StudNET Awards. The general partner was Foxconn again

The finale of the competition took place on Friday, 21 April 2017 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics of the University of Pardubice under the auspices of Dean Ing. Zdeněk Němec. The goal of the competition, which was also supported by the mayor of the statutory city of Pardubice Martin Charvát, is to allow students of high schools to present their own projects focusing on Informatics in front of the jury composed of experts from IT companies. The students were competing for interesting prizes. The winner got five thousand crowns. The traditional prize from the general partner Foxconn obtained two projects this year, namely Jana Stopková, Josef Kopecký and Luboš Zápotočný for their presentation about the Internet of BitIT from the DELTA high school – high school of Informatics and Economy, and Milan Mottl from the EDUCA Pardubice high school for his video document  about palliative care and dying.

For the third time already the University of Pardubice hosted the competition of the high school projects from the field of Informatics, the Czech StudNET Awards. The competition helps to compare the quality of projects from different IT schools from the whole republic and connects the big companies with the promising students of Informatics. “I am pleased to open the door for the skilled students to the companies like Foxconn, Microsoft or IBM,” says the director of the competition Jiří Formánek. “It is not bad for the senior students to have their contact, as well as their graduation work, at the human resources department of these multinational giants,” adds Formánek.

The jury of experts

This year the jury again consisted of the employees of the leading regional IT companies, as well as of multinational companies. “It is not exactly common for a high school student to choose the construction of the passive radar as a graduation work. It was a great surprise to see the state the student managed to build the radar to,” says Tomáš Klinkovský from the ERA company. “We offered two month long internship at our company to Josef Gajdůšek, a student from the DELTA high school of Informatics and Economy of Pardubice. Unfortunately, after that he is going to study in Prague,” regrets Klinkovský. According to voices from the jury, this student will not be the only one to get a job offer. “We are pleased to support StudNET from the position of the general partner and to reassure ourselves that young people are interested in the new technology, not only as the users but to discover that technology and IT is what they are enjoying and they want to pursue in the future,” says Dagmar Krausová, the PR manager of Foxconn company, the best employer in Pardubice Region and adds: “We also long term support technical education. In connection with emerging business areas of our company, including for example design and development, data centers or activities within the concept of Industry 4.0, we would be glad to welcome skilled and excited colleagues between us.”

Robotic hand, smart road or rehabilitation aid

When looking at some projects you would not believe that they are only high school works. The winner in the Use of IT in the Business Sphere Cathegory was for example rehabilitation aid based on monitoring the patient by kinect.  Another project was a smart road which has the traffic signs embedded in a roadway and smart cars read the signs on their own. You could even see a robotic hand at the competition.

“More than 20 projects were signed up for the competition. Majority of them were from the schools in Pardubice Region but there were also projects from Náchod, Prague or České Budějovice,” adds Formánek.

Results of the third Czech StudNET Awards 2017

Cathegory the Use of IT in the Business Sphere:

1. place: Stanislav Svědiroh from SPŠE and VOŠ, Pardubice with the project “Funny    rehabilitation”,

2. place: Petr Štěpánek from Smíchov industrial high school, Prague with the project “Smart     road + car”,

3. place: Jan Štancl from SPŠE and VOŠ, Pardubice with the project “Hexapod”.

Cathegory Communication Strategies – New Media:

1. place: Michael Kašpar with the project “Case Study of e-shop and health food store   Š”,

2. place: Miroslav Varga with the project “Marketing Strategy of on-line bakery”,

3. place: Matěj Čáp with the project “Marketing Strategy Analysis of e-shop”, all of them from focusing on Internet Marketing at SŠIE DELTA, Pardubice.

Cathegory Mobile Applications:

1. place: Stanislav Kinzl and Jakub Kortus from the Grammar School of Jirásek in         Náchod with   the mobile application “Baby-friendly Map”,

2. place was defended by: Luboš Zápotočný, Tomáš Faltejsek and Michal Havelka ¨     from SŠIE             DELTA, Pardubice with the mobile application “Company Management   App”,

3. place: was not awarded this year.


The special award of the general partner Foxconn Company was awarded to Jana Stopková, Josef Kopecký and Luboš Zápotočný from SŠIE DELTA, Pardubice for their project about BigIT.

The award of the general partner Foxconn Company for exceptional quality and big social impact was awarded to Milan Mottl from SOŠ Educa, Pardubice for video document “The Death is Reality”.

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