Volunteers from Foxconn helped SVÍTÁNÍ elementary school

Eight volunteers from Foxconn CZ decided to support elementary and practical school SVÍTÁNÍ, which takes care of children and youths with different types of handicaps. “They did ancillary work in the garden which allowed the children to enjoy the garden fully,” stated deputy director of the school Markéta Hujerová.

“It is nice to see the interest to help SVÍTÁNÍ elementary and practical school in Foxconn CZ. This company supports us regularly, not only this way, but also financially,” said the director of the school Miluše Horská, who is also 1st deputy chairman of the Czech Senate.

“One of the advantages of the volunteering activities is that one can do things they wouldn’t be able to do normally. It is common to see managers throw away their ties in SVÍTÁNÍ and even though they work manually here, for them it is really relaxing. We are glad to see them leave with satisfaction,” claimed Miluše Horská.


“Natural encounters of volunteers and handicapped children prove that we have been successfully integrating our pupils and clients to a common society for 25 years now,” added the director.

“We were choosing from several options and we decided on SVÍTÁNÍ School because we really wanted to help. We met amazing group of people who take care of the children and who are truly enthusiastic. Our expectations were met as well as our reasons why we decided to volunteer,” confessed the only man in the group of volunteers Štefan Švestka.

“We even brought gifts for the children, such as things from Foxconn CZ, puzzles, games and building kits, which helps to develop logical thinking of the children,” added Tereza Němečková.

We thank to: Štefan Švestka, Tereza Němečková, Petra Vernerová, Darina Papakiriakosová, Vlasta Žáková, Míša Šimáková, Kristýna Malíková and Petra Mejstříková.

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