Design & DFM Services

R&D (Research and Development) and DFM (Design for Manufacturing) are vital components of the overall value chain and essential to Foxconn. In addition to our strong manufacturing capabilities worldwide, we also invest heavily in R&D resources to bring the benefits of high quality, smart manufacturing & cost efficiency to our partners. Our qualified and skilled team of engineers includes experts in Mechanical Design / Material / Structure Engineering / Thermal Engineering /Manufacturing Technique / Control Process / Software Process / Cost Management. We offer complete in-house capabilities for the entire R&D process and our philosophy is to provide complete support throughout the entire development process – Desing & DFM Services

  • Specifications.
  • Conceptualization.
  • General, detailed and final design.
  • Manufacture optimization.
  • Cost effective design.
  • Prototype production & testing.
  • NPI (New Product Introduction) to mass production.

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Foxconn is a global leader in electronics manufacturing and supply chain solutions with the European presence since 1998. Our regional teams understand the need to utilize the strength of our global supply chain footprint while adapting for the individual requirements of unique markets.

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