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Recognising that time to market is vital to market entry and as a leader in product realisation Foxconn leads the way with an unrivalled prototyping and NPI (New Product Introduction) service. This focus ensures our customers maximise their business opportunities with timely market entry.
Using a controlled and proven process enables us to execute a seamless transition through the prototyping and pre-production stage to volume production. Supporting the Prototype & NPI process is a dedicated Project Manager backed by a team of experienced Engineers who have a comprehensive background of introducing many different products over the years.

Our Engineering, Manufacturing, Process and Test Engineers also work closely with customers to ensure a smooth production introduction and seamless transition to volume manufacturing.

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Foxconn is a global leader in electronics manufacturing and supply chain solutions with the European presence since 1998. Our regional teams understand the need to utilize the strength of our global supply chain footprint while adapting for the individual requirements of unique markets.

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